Friday, July 20, 2007


So I just got back from a very brief, overnight business trip to Austin.

Since the trip was so short, I packed very little. I did comply with the new regulations regarding liquids and gels being packed in a plastic bag for all the world to see.

I wake up in Austin. I have a little time before I have to meet my boss downstairs in the hotel lobby. So I do some email, order some room service, take a shower, and generally get ready. I wait til the very last minute to do my hair because I want it to be a bit dry so that the product takes better. This becomes a flaw in my plan, as five minutes prior to meeting my boss, I realize that I did not pack a brush/comb in my plastic baggie.

My hair, being freshly towel dried and then left to sit for about 30 minutes, makes me look like a metrosexual Krusty the Clown. My head is actually wider than it is tall.

I begin to flip out, but in a moment of amazing ingenuity, I search for the most comb-like thing in the room.

A fork.

I did my hair with the room service fork (an unused one, luckily they gave me two, and the other was yolk-encrusted). My hair looked damn nice too.

Boss and other coworkers had no idea that flatware was a part of my beautification process.

I do realize that I could have called the front desk for a comb, but I was in a time crunch, and needed to act fast.


Stacey R said...

Dear MacGayver,

Perhaps you might be available to add a decorative touch to THE GREAT WALL OF RANDOLPH which we will be erecting to fend off invading mongrel raccoons descended from Genghis Khan. It will be a feat of engineering rivaling only, maybe, the Pasta Express.

Let us know if you want to fortify our battlement with spiked and keen-edged forks.

this has really been one great comment.

11:19 PM  
Michael said...

Best blog entry ever.


4:26 PM  

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