Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Clone Wars Have Begun

Although my name is somewhat common, I have never met or indirectly known of any alternate Andrew Prestons. What is strange is that in a period of hours, I made acquaintance with an actual Andrew Preston AND I had my full name mentioned in a TV show.

My new company is so large that they already had one me, and in fact, he works rather closely with my group. With me coming on board there was all sorts of email confusion with this other Andrew. Things have kinda been sorted out, but I expect an ongoing "is this yours?" relationship with the other Andrew.

Flash forward about 5 hours. I am watching an episode of Entourage. Jeremy Piven's character is having problems with getting his son into a private school. He gets a suggestion from a friend: "You need to talk to Andrew Preston." Turns out Andrew Preston is played by Dan Castellaneta (of Simpsons fame). Piven actually says "Andrew Preston, just the guy I was looking for."


Stacey Richter said...

We SAW that episode! We MEANT TO TELL YOU! We totally forgot.

HOW did you manage to turn off the word verification safety feature for comments?

11:11 PM  
cattle said...

I have no idea. It was just set up that way.

1:33 PM  

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