Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Warning

Our friend Stacey is tricky. You might think you are having a nice conversation over dinner, telling odd and revealing stories about your past, but that is not the case.

You are on the record.

So I warn everyone. What you say around Stacey might find its way to the Internet. And we all know that everything on the Internet is true.

On a side note - you really question your underwear organization scheme when you see it all written out in front of you. I may have to change it up a bit. Is there a Zagat rating for boxer-briefs?


Stacey Richter said...

Heh. Tricky. I will let you think I am tricky even though the blog post was a happy accident that cropped up a lot later.

If I am tricky, can I embrace this skill and possibly embark on a pirate expedition or other test of stealth and nefariousness?

9:15 PM  

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